2TB PS4 Hard Drive SATA, Review + Great Price

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Did you have lots of games you want to play on your PS4 but don't have enough storage? A 2TB PS4 Hard Drive is the solution to your problem. Today

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Did you have lots of games you want to play on your PS4 but don’t have enough storage? A 2TB PS4 Hard Drive is the solution to your problem. Today in the gaming world, the size of each game can be around 40-50gb. Take a look at GTA V, the size of that famous games is almost 65gb! That is just a monstrous size for a game. Imagine if you want to play many other big famous game but you don’t have the sufficient storage to keep them.

Keep all your installed game on your console with this 2TB HDD for PS4. No longer you are a worry to delete some of your game to play a new game. Keep the old games and add more new games to your PS4, because this product has 2TB capacity where the original capacity of PS4 is only around 500gb. The original HDD that comes from your console is so minimum, that is why a product like this is so recommended for you who want to play many games without deleting the old games.

Here at 8cab, we are proudly presenting you this 2tb hard drive for PS4. We give you the glimpse detail of this item and give you the reason why you should purchase this product. For the price, we are always trying to give you the best competitive price. And the quality of this product is pretty good. Below we will give you the features detail of this product

2TB PS4 Hard Drive SATA Features

1). Ultra performance: with the RPM over 5400, making this HDD read/write faster on your PS4
2). High capacity: With 2gb capacity and 32mb cache, this beast can store hundreds of your favorite games and play them all day!
3). Low voltage: This item is very power-efficient, making it the best product in its class
4). Guaranteed: This product is backed up by 3-year warranty straight from the manufacturer
5). Reasonable price: With its great features, the price for this item is very reasonable. It is worth the purchase.

So that is the features of this 2tb HDD for PS4. With lots of great features, we give you the best and reasonable price. Upgrade your hard drive now so you are ready to play some new games in 2017.

2tb HDD for PS4, is it worth purchase?

You already know that your original HDD inside your PS4 only has the capacity around 500gb. And most games now sized up to 50gb, so your original HDD will get overwhelmed quickly. If you still want to play new games on the original HDD, you probably have to delete some of your games in order to install the new game.

But if you upgrade your original HDD with this SATA 2TB PS4 Hard Drive, you will have enough storage to install hundreds of new games and keep your old games installed. So the answer to the question is it worth buying is yes! This item is a good purchase. You will not regret buying this product.

What makes this product different

The important key that makes this item different are the features itself. This product has lots of great features that differs from another kind of 2TB PS4 Hard Drive. There are many HDD out there but this one has its own uniqueness. And the price of this product, that is also the key differences between other HDD. And the quality of this product is can’t be underestimated. The manufacturer of this hard drive creates this with high-quality material and strict quality control.

2tb hard drive for PS4 review

A large storage capacity is a necessity in PS4 gaming. As the gaming industries are getting bigger and bigger, so the storing device. So, all you need to have in this modern gaming age is a 2TB PS4 Hard Drive. A large capacity of HDD is very important if you don’t want to delete one of your favorite games to play the new ones.

Here at 8cab, not only you hear the review from us, but you can also see the previous buyer of this product and hear what they said about this item’s quality. The previous customer’s review is below.

“Best price for a new 2TB hard drive!!!” by Johnathan Hendrix

“Dude this thing is awesome!!! I’d buy it if I had to!” by Lydon L.

“Very easy to install and actually is faster than the old ” by Lord Vader269

“Five Stars” by William J.

Review Score

Quality : 9 / 10

Price : 8 / 10

Material : 9 / 10

Feature : 9 / 10

Why Should you shop at 8cab

8cab is an online store that focuses on supplying you with high-quality gaming equipment products. We are dedicated to bringing you a high-quality product but with the competitive price and the glimpse of the product through the review. Like this 2TB PS4 Hard Drive, we give you the review about the product and we give you the reasonable price for this item.

We always check the product that we sell before we deliver it to the customers. So when the item arrives, it arrived in a perfect condition. If you still want to buy some more gaming equipment, feel free to browse our catalog. More gaming equipment will come.







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