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An awesome and DualShock 4 controller for sale. We are proud to introduce a really nice product which comes with an elegant color where it has enhanced your gaming sense to the next level. It is designed comfortably to increase your engagement on playing your favorite game. We would like to represent this stuff for you as it is a really high-quality product that you must have.

Why we said it is a high-quality product? The features of its are so amazing. Surely, everyone who is addicted to Playstation 4 would like to buy this kind of controller. The color comes with a black color only but more color will be added soon. We do not talk about the color but about its advantages. Besides that, we do not only sell a product but also do a review. You could check our DualShock 4 controller review.

DualShock 4 Controller Features

  • The precision control comes with a really great sensitivity where the analog and the trigger button are so easier to be controlled. You are on the high-quality product which it can help you play your favorite game professionally.
  • The share button will help you to share your greatest gaming moments easily. You can upload your gameplay videos or screenshots directly from your system or live-stream your gameplay. It is provided to share the best moment without disturbing your game progress.
  • The best revolutionary features such as touchpad integrated light bar, and a built-in speaker will increase your gaming experience where you can play your favorite game as a reality mode. You can also connect the 3.5mm audio jack to your own audio kit.
  • Recharged easily by plugging it into your PlayStation 4, even it is in standby mode you can charge it without any hesitate.

DualShock 4 controller for Sale, Is it a Quality Product?

Some people feel doubt when they want to buy a stuff where there is no review about it. 8cab is the best marketplace to increase your gaming experience. We do not sell the product which has a little review. We do selling to a product which has been bought by many people and has outstanding reviews. After we got the product, we decide to sell it to our loyal user. Unlike another site which only put the product on sale but they do not think about the quality itself, in the other side, they think about sales only.

We can ensure this DualShock 4 controller is the epic one. If you are looking for a Ps 4 controller which has an affordable price and epic quality. We recommend you to choose this product. We have also another cheap PS4 controller but the quality is not really great such as this one. However, it could be your best picks if you are looking in low budget.

What Makes It Different?

Our Marketplace never provides a crap product to our user. We do sharing because we love to share an epic product to be bought. This is not about the price only, there are tons of products which the price is really cheap but think again. We are not looking for the price only, right? You could buy it for a really low amount but the controller could be malfunctioned soon.

This DualShock 4 controller for sale is made with a really nice design. You can grip it comfortably, press the button and move the analog smoothly. Why do not buy a high-quality product though the price is a little bit expensive? This is about QUALITY!

DualShock 4 Controller Review

Controller is always important to play in a console as we can not play any game without it. Besides that, a comfortable DualShock also brings a really great experienced on gaming. We do review based on fact where we also took some review from its customer.

“Best controller I have ever used” by Joseph Stacavich

“Works great but not wireless on the Sony blue ray player..” by HCC

“Works perfectly” by Fabrizio

So, what do you think after seeing the honest review from its user? You can also see all review by clicking on “Customers Review” tab. There are tons of people reviewing this controller. Mostly are really happy to have this product.

Review Score

Quality : 9 / 10

Price : 8 / 10

Material : 9 / 10

Feature : 9 / 10

Why Should You Buy Here?

Unlike another marketplace, our aim is to provide a high-quality product for our user. We do research before listing the product on our website. We analyze about the price factor and also the quality factor but besides that, we make sure it works fine without any errors. Then, you can buy this DualShock 4 controller worldwide as it almost available on any countries where you live. All you need to do is to choose which country you want the order to come from. Finally, add it to cart and do check out. We can guarantee the product we offered is passed our quality control. If you are looking for DualShock 4 Controller for sale, 8cab is the best place to go.

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