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Having trouble playing FPS games on your console? You should try playing games on your console by using this keyboard and mouse adapter for PS4 by Xim4. With this awesome adapter, you can enjoy your PS4 game play using keyboard and mouse. Many people know that it will be easier to play games with those things. It will be easier because if you use keyboard and mouse as the input, you will have more accuracy in aiming and flawless movement in the game. This is the solution for gamers of PS4 to exercise good aiming and movement.

Lots of people said that playing games on PC are the best way because PC has the best equipment like mouse and keyboard. Using them as the input control can give you great aiming and movement control. But today as a console gamer, you can also play more accurately with this Xim4 keyboard and mouse adapter. Plug any of your mouse and keyboards with this adapter and you can play PS4 games with the same feels as on PC. No more missing the shot or aim pointlessly if you have this adapter in your inventory.

XIM4 is the perfect companion for console gamer who wants to get the gameplay feel like on PC. This PS4 keyboard and mouse adapter will satisfy gamer who wants to control the game smoothly like on PC but having a great game on PS4. With affordable price that we offer here, you will have a whole different play style on your console.

XIM4 Keyboard And Mouse Adapter Features

  • Smart Translator technology: XIM4 is able to provide unparalleled 1-to-1 gaming precision that consistently performs in every game you play.
  • Smooth and Flawless PS4 gameplay: With this keyboard and mouse adapter for PS4, you can move or aim in the game with smooth and flawless. Dominate the gameplay!
  • Highly compatible: This adapter can be used for another console like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3
  • Connects wirelessly using your compatible Android devices via Bluetooth or connects to PC via USB for gaming configurations
  • This item comes up with 6′ braided microUSB cable and Quick-Start Guide

Keyboard And Mouse Adapter For PS4, Is It Worth It?

As a player of PS4, you probably have some difficulties in moving or aiming in the game. Because the PS4 DualShock 4 Wireless Controller is not as good as mouse and keyboard in the matter of movement control. That is why this XIM4 keyboard and mouse adapter is produced, to give you the best movement and aim control while you play your game. As a player, we know that you will need things like this. Because with great control over your game, you can ensure your victory and dominating the gameplay. So for you who have a question about is this keyboard and mouse adapter worth it, the answer is YES, it will be really worth the money you spend on this product. So now, you don’t need to worry about the bad control movement, for we offer you this amazing solution.

PS4 Keyboard And Mouse Adapter By XIM4 Review

This adapter is a high-quality product. We said this because we tested the product before we sell here for you. We give you the glimpse information about the features of this Keyboard And Mouse Adapter For PS4 through the review of ours. But at 8cab we can also give you the review from the previous buyer of this product. You can see the review from others because we know that buyers will need two perspectives to considering about purchasing something. Below you can see what other said about this product.

“A must buy for handicapped gamers!!!” by Seth Daniel Riedel

“Setup was more tedious than expected,” by Steven H.

“Brilliant must have for PS4” by Dennis

“Great adapter. I have tested this with an X-BOX” by Demon_Dogg

“easily mapped my buttons” by Timothy E.

” starsWorks great, exactly as advertised” by Anonymous000

Those are just some of the review from the previous buyers. You can see the rest by clicking the Customer Review section.

Why Should You Buy Here

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