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Many pro gamers said that communication is the important key to victory in every game. If you don’t have any gaming headset, then a keyboard for PS4 controller is the equipment for you. Whiteoak Chatpad is the perfect solution to your gaming needs. This keyboard is designed to fit perfectly with your DualShock 4 and it also functioned beautifully when you communicate with your teammates during an intense gaming session.

No more excuses when you lose an online team battle game, as with this PS4 Chatpad, you can a clear message to your squad, coordinate your strategy and acquire victory together. If you lack gaming headset, then this Chatpad is the right product for you. Don’t bother yourself to use a big computer keyboard to your PS4, it is impractical! If you have this Whiteoak DualShock 4 keyboard, you will have an advance in communication with your team. Just plug it into your controller and everything will work straight of the box.

There is a reason that many people still like to use a PS4 controller keyboard, and that is because a gaming headset is not really a good item to communicate with your team. Why? Because sometimes when you doing voice chat over your team, it can’t send a clear voice, and that is what make your team lose the fight. There is always a vibrancy when you use a voice chat that vibrancy can make your voice sounds just like a grumbling voice. In a heat of battle, you will never wish this to happen to you or your teammates. That is why many people still like to type their message away over to their team.

Whiteoak Keyboard for PS4 Controller Specs and Features

Whiteoak Chatpad is a good-quality product that comes with a reasonable price. If you have an average budget, you can invest your money in this PS4 Chatpad. This product comes with great specs and features as you can see below:


  • Charging current: 120MA
  • Quiescent current: less than 30uA
  • Charging voltage: DC:5V
  • Bluetooth distance: less than 10 meters
  • Bluetooth version: 3.0


  • Flawless design: This Whiteoak keyboard for PS4 controller is designed to fit on your DualShock 4 perfectly and it will not disturb you.
  • Easy to operate: By using a Bluetooth 3.0 connection, you can easily pair this Chatpad straight to your controller.
  • QWERTY keyboard: Designed with full QWERTY keyboard like you can find in every keyboard
  • Ergonomics buttons: Button is made up of environmental protection silicone, creates a controller with comfortable and ergonomic grip. A faster and convenient way type your messages
  • Affordable price: A product with tons of great features but with a reasonable price, making it the perfect solution for the low-budget gamers.

PS4 Chatpad, is it a worth purchase?

If you are a player of PS4 that only like to play a single-player game, this product may just waste your money. But if you are the kind of players that love to play online games, then we really recommend you this Chatpad. Why? because this is the better option for you if you despite the usage of voice chat in gaming. Type your message over to all your teammates if you feel that is the best way to communicate. Other than that a wireless PS4 headset maybe also be a good purchase for you.

And if you decide to purchase this product, we can only say that you are investing your money in the right equipment. You will not regret buying this keyboard for PS4 controller. Assemble your team and lead them to the victory by sending a clear message to them with this amazing Whiteoak Chatpad.

What Makes this PS4 Controller Keyboard Different?

There another manufacturer of PS4 Chatpad out there like Nyko which produce the same thing like this item. But each of that different product has its own different specs and features. Other may more expensive or cheaper than this Whiteoak Chatpad. But we can say that this product is built with a high-quality material so it can hold last longer than any other product. Buying a high-quality product like this will benefit you in many ways like you don’t have to buy a keyboard so often because this one is the one that last longer. Don’t be tricked to buy a cheap-ish product as they will only disappoint you really really fast.

PS4 Controller Keyboard Previous Buyer Review

If you still hesitate to purchase this product we let you see what other say about this product. Below are the testimonials about the people who already purchase this product.

“Five Stars” by Chris

“Four Stars” by Fillmore

Review Score

Quality : 8 / 10

Price : 8 / 10

Material : 9 / 10

Feature : 8 / 10

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