MATTAY NBA Legends Stars PlayStation 4 Skin Case, Get It Here With Best Price and High Quality Product

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We offer you an awesome skin case for you beloved console. With our PlayStation 4 skin around you will get a nice design for your console. Of course, this case skin has many features that won’t make you regret when using it. We present you this high-quality product just for you. If you want to make your PS 4 become more luxurious, get this product is a must for you.

This Product is superb guys. Why do we say that? because it has amazing features that will make all of you melting from seeing it. Of course, everyone who love and want to protect their PS 4 want to but this product. You don’t need to doubt about the quality because it’s top notch. If you looking for a skin for PlayStation 4 our product is your best option right now.Now, we would like yo present a feature that this product has to offer. Check it out below to see it.

PlayStation 4 Skin Features

  • Super High-Resolution Graphics: The details look very awesome to see. you won’t regret to buy this product because the quality is number one.
  • Ultra High Gloss Finish: with it, can protect your console from scratch, peeling and fading or any other damage
  • Wonderful Design: You don’t need to doubt the design. We sure this skins for  PlayStation 4 is the best one you can get.

PlayStation 4 Skin Package

So, what will you get from buying our products? See the details below to find out about it

  • Skin For PlayStation 4(console)
  • Skin Controller(2)
  • Clean Cloth(1)
  • For the reminder, you won’t get anything such as the NBA game or actual controller. This skin only gives you the sticker not the package with game or controller.

How to Use PlayStation 4 Skin?

The skin is very easy to use. it does not require any complicated method. Now, check out the guide below that we already created to help you use the skin.

  • First of all, you need to clean your PS 4 first with the clean cloth. it’s to clean your PS 4 from dust.
  • Peel one piece of the Skin from the paper liner. You need to be careful not let the side of the stickers touch anything if so you will be doom.
  • Determine the place you want to use the stickers. Use your fingers or the side of your thumb. Starting from the corner and then cross your way to the surface.
  • If you’re installing correctly, it won’t show any air bubbles in the stickers

Tips: If air bubbles show up on the stickers, you can rub it gently with your fingers because it will automatically attach.

How to Remove PlayStation 4 skin?

Of course, not all of you won’t have the same skin all the time. Some of you must consider remove it to change into a new one. Now, we would like to tell you how to remove the skins from your PlayStation 4 console. What you need to do is just peel off the sticker like you normally do. It won’t leave any mark. We already tested it and work like a charm. Easy and convenient right?

Skin for PlayStation 4, Is it Worth Buying?

You don’t need even need to ask anymore. If you love your PS 4, you need to buy it to protect your console from scratch, dust, and other damage. of course, you don’t need to worry about the price. The important is you can make you console more luxurious and clean. Playstation 4 skin is really worth your money. the price is a little bit expensive but you get all the quality. Oh yeah, we also do PlayStation 4 skin review, so if you want to know more check it below.

We can ensure you this product is will make all of you pleasant. We already check and examine the quality of this product, the results is really satisfying. You won’t find any high-quality product like this. What you can find is the cheaper version of this product. You can buy it but within a week the sticker will show it’s true nature, so don’t be sad if it’s day come.

PlayStation 4 Skin Review

Skin like this always helpful to your PlayStation 4. It makes your console like a new version. This skin also has many features than you know. If you already see the features section on this site you know what it is.  What we can say to you is you need to buy this product if you want to make you PlayStation 4 look gorgeous. We also do a review based on our customer that already buy it. Check out the list below to find out about it.

“Looks Good” by Darren James Harris

“Wonderful NBA legend stars skin ps4” by Keen Dyle

“Great PS4 skin!” by Breezy b

Can you see that? Many users really satisfied with our product. You can also see full review by clicking the customer review tab. We guaranteed it you won’t regret to buy this product. We know the price is a little bit expensive, but you get all the benefits from it.

Review Score

Quality: 8 / 10

Price : 8 / 10

Feature: 9 / 10

Material: 9 / 10


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