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Do you want to get the best quality PlayStation 4 controller DualShock? If so, you come to the right place. Here, we sell you the highest quality. So, forget you old controller and replace it with this one. This is the newest model you can get. The elegant design that this controller offer is really outstanding. You will like it very much. The silver color really makes this one look really great.

Of course, a controller like this one is a must for you. Why? Because in order to play PS 4 game it requires a controller. That’s why this item is really needed. We can guarantee if you buy PS 4 Controller you will be satisfied with the quality material that the product offer. What are you waiting for? If you a hardcore game, buy this one is a must for you.

PlayStation 4 Controller DualShock Features

So, what kind if features that await you? See the full features below and you will be amazed at it in no time.

  • Touch Pad Button: This the new improvement over Dualshock 3. With this button, your gaming experience will change. This button is very helpful to help you in some game.
  • Wireless System: Same as PS 3 controller, this one is supported by a wireless system. You don’t need any cable anymore except to charge the controller.
  • Share Button: Some of you must curious about this one. With this, you can record a video, take a photo or screenshot and share it online.
  • Trigger Button enhancement: The trigger or back button already been enhanced. It feels really sensitive and easy to press. With PlayStation 4 controller DualShock, all your gaming on PS 4 will change drastically.

What Makes This PS 4 controller Different from Others?

If we talk about the quality, of course, it feels different. Why? Because this product come officially from Sony. Of course, you don’t need to doubt the quality that this one offer. You can find many similar models on the other online market. The question is, can you find the best one? The answer must be no. We recommend you to but the official product rather than the fabricate one. You will feel the differences.

When you buy something you need to identify the item carefully. But, if you purchase it on our store you don’t need to do that. Why? Because we always checked and examined the item before share it to the other customer. You can relax shopping here, we guarantee it for you because the customer is the king that we must serve well.

PlayStation 4 Controller Dualshock, Is It Worth the Money?

We know the price is quite expensive for some of you. But, you need to think about the quality you will get. Many online markets sell this product with cheap price. Our question is, do you believe the quality will good? Of course not. You need to check it carefully. Now, you know why many merchants give the cheapest price.

This item really worth the money. With great features that its offer, your gaming experience will enhance dramatically. The design of this controller really elegant. It’s fit your hand perfectly. You hand won’t get hurt when grabbing this one too hard. If you use this one you find the pleasure that the controller offers you

PS 4 Dualshock Controller Review

Do you still doubt this product? That’s a normal reaction at first. Now, see the customer review below who already bought the item. We sure after you see it, you will consider this item it’s really worth your time or not.

“it works great” by Navel Work

“Original and Worth buying” by Johnson.

“It’s definitely a PS4 controller!” by Podmen

“Item as described, good quality.” By Hermione

Can you see the customers satisfied with our product? We sure your doubt will go away after see this. To make you even sure the result score of this item

Review Score

Quality: 9 / 10

Material: 8 / 10

Price: 8 / 10

Features: 9 / 10

Why Should You Buy at 8cab?

If you looking for the gaming stuff, our shop is the best one you can get. Of course, we not only sell the controller. we also offer you the others accessories. Of course, with the highest-quality item. We always check the item before we sell. You won’t regret any single bit when shopping in this store. What will you find is the pleasure that make you always come back.

Oh yeah, it’s very easy to shop on our online market. What you need to do just add the item to the cart. After that, to end the transaction, click the checkout button. Very easy right? If you familiar with this one, you can relax. Our item also available worldwide. So, just sit tight in your house and wait your order will come safely. Now, what are you waiting for? If PlayStation 4 controller DualShock is your liking get it now.


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