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Playstation 4 Skins are now can be said as one of the necessities in gaming needs because, nowadays, console gaming needs are getting more and more demanding. The needs to

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Playstation 4 Skins are now can be said as one of the necessities in gaming needs because, nowadays, console gaming needs are getting more and more demanding. The needs to be stand out more from the others is inevitable. That is why by customizing your console with some cool skin case will make you stand out from the rest of the casual gamers. There are many kinds of skin case available for your console. Each with its own uniqueness.

One of many Skins for PS4 like we sell here, Battle Torn Stripes skin. The skin can be applied to both the console and one of your controller to make it look perfect. This skin case comes from the designer System Plus Two. They are known as the designer of many skins for the console. With the great high-quality product, this skin can stand out and has long durability.

We said that there are many designers who produce this type of skin, but this designer is known for its high-quality product and also known as the Cheap PS4 Skin. Why can we said cheap, because this designer is giving you a competitive price from the other skin designer and also the quality is equal with other types of skin case. Here in 8cab, we try to give you the best review of a product and the best price among every other online shop.

System Plus Two, Battle Torn Stripes Skin Features

‌1). High quality printed material, made with high-quality papers that can stand the heat of your console*
‌2). Long-last color, the color can last long in your console.
3‌). Stick strongly to the PS4 and Controller surface.
‌4). Catchy visuals with tons of different design from the designer.
‌5). Competitive price, cheap but high-quality product.
‌6). A favorite of many other gamers.
7‌). If you want to remove the skin, it won’t leave a mark.

What makes this Cheap PS4 Skin different?

There are many another designer who produces the same types of product. But the designer System Plus Two has its own good value. This skin case is different from other because the price is very competitive and the picture itself, is so catchy and match with your needs. Like this Battle Torn Stripes. The design is a picture of a woman riding a nuclear missile with the background of American Flag. Who doesn’t like the Murican’ style? Pew pew, bang bang.

Another thing that makes this Cheap PS4 Skins different is the design of the skin. System Plus Two designer has designed perfect visuals that suitable not only for children but also it suits for adults who like modern flawless and unique visuals. The good skin is important for the entitled player to make their console stand out from the others.

Battle Torn Stripes, skins for PS4 review

For gamers who want to stand out from the rest of other, skin case is one of many ways to do that. By covering your PS4 with this cool skin, you just level up your inner pride. Showed it off when your friends come to visit you to play together. Boost your console style so you look stand out from every other casual gamer. Many people said that this skin case is awesome as the testimonials here.

“Battle Wrap” by Joel
“Five Star” by Christian G
“Wicked Awesome” by Elias

So what do you think about the product? Be sure to keep in mind that the skin is last long but somehow it can still peel off under some circumstances. There is no such thing everlasting.

Review Score:

Quality 7/9
Price 5/9
Material 7/9
Features 6/9

Why should you buy Playstation 4 Skins at 8cab

Here at 8cab online store, we are trying to give you the best offer of a product, along with an honest review about it. We are trying to give you the fair and square review so you can consider it very briefly if you want to purchase a product.

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Now if you deciding to purchase this PlayStation 4 Skins, first you need to check the availability of the product in your country. Or if you want to choose the nearest country to deliver the product. Once you have checked the availability, then add it to your cart and if you want to shop for anything else, feel free to see our catalog. But if you don’t want to look for anything else, then do the checkout. We assure you that 8cab is a trusted online market, we don’t have any intention to scam you. Feel free to contact us if you have any trouble relating about shopping here at 8cab.







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247-PS4SC-Battle torn



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