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As a gamer, you really need to have a PS 4 Hard Drive to make your easy do something while gaming. In the gaming world, this stuff is getting better and important, why? Because with this tool you can upgrading your PlayStation 4 easier! we provide all the essentials you need on how to backup files, installing the new components, and re-using the original hard drive by converting your PlayStation 4’s original drive into a new external portable drive with our included Fantom Drives G-Force portable USB 3.0 aluminum enclosure. The needs of space in its storage are also getting higher. Imagine if you want to play lots of games but your internal storage has a limited capacity. How is it? Therefore, the DongCoh has created a high-quality super product which design to store all your game on one hard drive. Of course, with that much capacity, you can store any games you want, from old games to recently released games without every worry to delete some of your games.

With this Fantom HDD for ps 4, you may save the space in its storage are also getting higher. Therefore, this tool has created a super quality product which design to store all your game on one hard drive. Of course, with that much capacity, you can store any games you want, from old games to recently released games without every worry to delete some of your games.
About the price do not worry guys, this fantom external hard drive here at 8cab always give you the best competitive price than others. If you are lucky, you can get it while it on sale, it’s double worth it. And don’t worry about the quality itself of the product, we always check our product before we sell this thing to the customers. By the way, when you want to buy this one, you may check some features of this product first to make you sure. Let’s check it right now!

Awesome Features of PS 4 Hard Drive

With this great product, you will chance the way you gaming become easy and quick. See the features of this Fantom HDD for PS 4 below!

  • Quick start installation guide provides everything from preparing, removing, installing, and updating your PlayStation 4 to NEXT level of gaming.
  • Infinite storage space: Includes 2TB Seagate/Samsung Hard Drive, 8GB Flash Drive, Quick Start Installation Guide, Screwdriver to upgrade your PS4
  • Exclusive design for PS4 console: easily install and replace a new drive.
  • 3.Independent power supply: suitable for the 3.5-inch hard drive, also have a very good heat dissipation function. It also helps the PS4 console better to release power supply pressure.
  • Strong stability under 7*24 hours running: say “goodbye” to the problems, like system reboot/crash/lost data etc. Also, do NOT affect Dualshock 4 range.
  • Support and use all the current PS4 models smoothly, like “rest mode”.
    Also includes Fantom Drives G-Force portable USB 3.0 aluminum External Enclosure, Carrying Pouch, and Micro USB 3.0 Cable to convert your original PS4 drive to an external hard drive.
    7. One Year Warranty. So, do not worry if your stuff get a damage
  • Full instruction that fantom external hard drive installing and how to initialize the PS4 firmware on a new drive are included in the box.

Package Includes:
1*Game Bar
1*2TB 3.5-Inch Brand Hard Drive
2*Fantom Cable Case (One for 10XX and 11XX and another is for 12XX version console)

Why do we prefer this PS 4 hard drive?

We offer the different thing of aspect that makes this product looks different, that is the price. Why did we say the price? Because we sell with this a great price, you get tons of great features added to your PlayStation 4. The material is high-quality ones, the design is flawless and the functionality is the best. So all in all, this product is worth to buy if you don’t want to get annoyed by insufficient storage problem anymore. You won’t get doubt while you buy this one.

Why should you buy this Fantom external hard drive here?

If you are looking for gaming accessories for your PlayStation in other shops, but 8cab is the best online shop for you. Why? Because here, you can get the advantage of the product that you are looking for, like this hard drive for PlayStation 4. We will give you the best honest review of the product. Then the result is quality is means everything to use. We have a strict quality control of the product that we sell to make sure the item is a great condition when arrived at your hand. For the price, we always try to give you the best price. So, do you interested and want to buy this PS 4 hard drive?

Review of Fantom HDD for PS 4

This PlayStation 4 to create this product to solve your problem. Many players of PS 4 have bought this item for themselves or as a gift to their loved ones. An item like this is essential in gaming experience because it can expand your storage in the way you can’t imagine. If you still hesitate about purchasing this product, better you see the following review of the previous and trusted buyer who already bought this item below.

“Easy to install, works great, I have no complaints.” by Joshua G

“Best deal for the hard drive upgrade. Easy installation n works great. Highly recommended best check n see if you have at least a 1 GB flash drive handy tho” by James

“Came very fast and easy to install the new hard drive for the PS4. Now I can download all my old games that I had to erase in order to play new ones.” By Gonzalo Angel Lopez

“Love it” by Jane

“Excellent product and now more space on my Playstation 4!!!!” by Theodore M. Wislocki

REVIEW SCORE OF PS 4 hard drive

Quality : 9 / 10
Price : 8 / 10
Material : 9 / 10
Feature : 8 / 10

In other hands, we also offer you another hard drive with a little bit same quality, this ps4 2tb hard drive. If you want it also, you may check and buy it here!


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