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Are you worried your console getting hot sometimes? This PS 4 stand can be your solution. At first, this one look like a normal stand, but the truth this thing can also be use for a cooling fan. We feel surprised when the first time looks at it. This item can also use for save some space in your room. Now, if you have problem manage your console, get this one is a must.

We sure some of you afraid when your PS 4 heating up. Of course, all of you looking for a solution to solve it. You don’t need to worry anymore, this product that we sell have a countermeasure to keep your console safe from the heat. This all in one item is a must have. You will be amazed how awesome this PlayStation 4 stand can be.

PS 4 Stand Features

So, what kind of features that this product offers you? We sure you curious about this. Now, see the full features of this item below.

  • All in One: This product equipped with charging station, cooling fan, and game storage ( approximately 14 games disc). You can’t find this amazing item anywhere else.
  • Make your PS 4 last longer: Of course, this gadget can make that happen. Equipped with 3000 RPN fan speed that will make your console keep cool from long gameplay.
  • Keep Your Controller Alive: Are you confuse when your controller run out of battery? How about you use the charging dock that installed in this product. This charger also equipped with fast charging that will charge your controller really quick.
  • Save Some Space: PS 4 it’s quite big, that’s why you need a lot of space to place it. Now, calm down. Use this PlayStation 4 stand can solve your problem. Also, with this vertical stand, you can put your game collections

What Makes This Product Different?

We sure you asking this questions frequently. If you look on the surface, this product like a normal vertical stand, but when you see the inside you will find many treasures. If you already see the PS 4 stand review, we don’t need to tell you that much. This item also makes your gaming experience improve quite a bit. You don’t need to worry about the minor problem about your console. When you use this item, all your problem goes away.

PlayStation 4 Stand Specifications

  • 3 USB port to charge your controller
  • 14 game disk storage
  • 2 High-speed Fans Speed (speed: 3000 RPN)
  • Color: Black
  • Product Size: 15.7×7.0x2.2 inch
  • Product Weight: 1.4 Pounds
  • Fans Size:2.3×2.3×0.6 inch
  • Input Voltage: DC 5V
  • Input Current:500MA

Is PS 4 Stand Worth Your Money?

Some of you must confuse what you need to do when buying something. The problem is your money and the quality of the product that you will get. This both questions very important when you want to buy a good product. We know the price of this PlayStation 4 vertical stand quite expensive, but it’s normal. Why? Because you will get many benefits as a compensation.

Also, the quality of this product is top notch. The developer did really well maintain this one to be a perfect thing that you can’t find anywhere else. You can find the similar product on the internet with cheap price. The question is, can you believe the quality will be the same? Of course not. Only this one you can trust. Now, erase your doubt and add this gadget to your main weapon when playing a game.

PlayStation 4 Vertical Stand Review

We sure some of you still doubt about PS 4 stand. We know what you feel. We will do the same if in the same position. Now, take a look at the customer review below that already bought the product. Surely, you feel surprised after seeing the commentary below.

“My PS4 Is Now Housed and Cooling” by BradyBunch

“You get what you paid for” by Jane

“Its a really good idea” by John

Can you see? Many users really like our product and trust it. How about you? Already decided what are you going to do? If you still confuse think like this, don’t worry about money problem. The important one is you get the highest quality product. You don’t want when buying something, the item only stays within a week.

Why Should You Buy at 8cab?

If it’s about gaming stuff, our online market is the best one that you can find anywhere. We always offer you the highest quality product. As a compensation the price it’s quite expensive. If you looking for the best item, this is your shop. Just for your information, before we sell the item. We checked the quality and tested it. After it passed the quality control, we share it to all of you. Now, you don’t need to doubt anymore, if you already see PlayStation 4 vertical stand review, you already found the answer.

It’s very easy to shopping in our shop. Just add the item to cart and end your transaction by using checkout button. Also, our product available worldwide. Just click the country tab above to choose which territory you come from. After that, the item will safely come to your home, just sit tight and wait.

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