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Looking for a whole different style of playing your PS3? Buy this amazing PS3 Eye Camera and your dream can come true. This piece of equipment is the way for you to unlock the full potential of today’s gaming. A whole new experience of gameplay is waiting for you to explore. The gaming world never stops to immerse its fans with a high-tech and high-quality product that enhance the gameplay of the players. Long ago, we might be thinking that playing a game with the sensors of a camera is an impossible way to do.  But today, Sony has broken that taboo forever.

Meet Sony PlayStation 3 Eye Camera, a revolution in gaming technology that allows you to play your game with the movement of your body. Do stand, crouch, jump, and duck like you do in real life to play games with this equipment. Playing games and exercising have never been more exciting like this. feel the benefit of enjoying games and a healthy body because you will always move your body around while playing a game. No more excuses about don’t want to exercise, with this gaming equipment, you can do both activities at the same time. What a great invention by Sony!

But the one thing that we need to tell you is that this PlayStation 3 Camera will not work for your games unless you have a PS3 Move Controller. You need that Move Motion controller for the camera’s positioning system. The ball-shaped on the top of the Move controller functioned as the sensor point for the camera.The camera tracks the movement of the Move controller and transmits it to your PS3. So if you wish to buy this product, don’t forget to buy the Move controller if you still don’t have one.

PS3 Eye Camera Specs and Features

A great product like this has a plethora of features that can change the way you play your game. All of the great features thanks to the great dedication of Sony PlayStation that make this innovation come true. Below are the specs and the features of this Playstation 3 camera:


  • Video640 x 480 at 60 frames/second.
    320 x 240 at 120 frames/second.
    56 or 75 degrees field or view zoom lens.
    8 bit or 10-bit dynamic range.
    USB 2.0 high-speed transfer.
    Uncompressed video or optional JPEG compressor.
    Fixed-focus, 1ft to infinity (manual adjustment not required).
  • audio18bit at SNR 90db, up to 48kHz audio sampling rate.
    Omni-directional four microphone linear array.
    4 channel ADC IC chip.


1). Enables head tracking to read complete upper body movement.
2). Fast frame rate up to 120 frames/second provides pristine video quality.
3). Can be used for in-game chat and voice-commands.
4).Crystal clear sound quality with the built-in 4 microphone array.
5). Take photos of your victories and share with friends.
6). Fast frame rate up to 120 frames/second provides flawless video quality.
7). Tracks the Move motion controller’s sphere to accurately read player position.
8). Zoom lens for close-up or full body options.
9). Able to perform well even in low light conditions.
10). Captures the video of you and your surroundings, turning your living room into the setting of the game.

PlayStation 3 Camera, is it a good purchase?

For you who looking for a different way to play your games, this Sony PlayStation 3 Eye Camera is a great option to feel a different experience in gaming. And if you already own the Move motion controller, you must buy this product. But for those gamers who still like to play games in an ordinary way, you can skip this product and buy other gaming equipment instead like a Gaming Chair maybe? All in all, this is a great product to buy if you thirst for a different experience of playing your PS3 games.

What Makes This Product Special

Think about playing games but with your body as the controller who controls the character within the game. Jump, shoot, punch the enemies with your body, that is what makes this PS3 Eye Camera special. You can play games and be working out at the same time! Sony has done a really good innovation by producing this product. And the thing that makes this product special is that the price is affordable. And here at 8cab, we will always sell you a high-quality product with competitive price.

Sony PlayStation 3 Eye Camera Review of Previous Buyer

Besides the review from us, you can also see what other say about this product. See their experience after buying this product and then you can decide whether this is a good purchase or not. See what they say about this item below:

“PS3 Eye is perfect for a $10 PC WebCam” by Sarah Brenan

“Perfect for Raspberry Pi” by Joe Wood

“Works Well” by Beeswax

“This is a nice, cheap webcam to play with” by Stephen McGill

“Great product, it worked as described” by Maria

Have you seen what other say about this PS3 Eye Camera? Many of them are recommending this item, right? So this is a great purchase for you if you want some different experience in playing games. Order them now, we have a nice sale going on for you.

Review Score:

  • Quality : 9 / 10
  • Price : 7 / 10
  • Material : 8 / 10
  • Feature : 9 / 10

Why Should You Shop At 8cab

8cab is the perfect solution for you who wants to buy some gaming equipment for your console gaming. We can provide you with plenty of product for your PlayStation gaming. 8cab also try to give you a competitive and reasonable price for the product you wish to buy. Like this PS3 Eye Camera product that we offer you, we give you the review about the product and we give you the competitive price for it. Beside this product we still have much more, feels free to browse our catalog and more will come just stay tuned.




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