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Enhance your gaming experience with this awesome PS3 move controller. this uniquely shaped thing is a revolution in the gaming industry. It is a revolution because the ordinary way we playing games in PS3 is by using a DualShock 3. Feel the intuitive control of this move motion controller that will make your gaming experience feels like a whole different world.

On the other hand, the other competitor Microsoft Xbox has Kinect technology that functions similarly like this PlayStation Move controller. The Kinect from Microsoft may have a more advanced technology, but this move motion controller from Sony have its own uniqueness. The Kinect is functioned as a camera that scans your movement and applies it to the gameplay mechanics, while this Move controller still using an input from the buttons.

Some people prefer the controller-less gameplay but other still prefer to put his own effort to the controller to move in the game. All of that is your preferential, but we recommend you this Move Motion controller PS3 so you can have a whole new experience in your console gaming.

PS3 Move Controller Features

When talking about the features, this Sony PlayStation move controller offers you plenty of amazing features that will blow your mind in controlling your game. This input device may design and shaped in an unusual form, but that is what makes this product unique. Besides the crazy design, there are many others features this product offers as below.

  • Works with PlayStation Eye camera to accurately track player position.
  • Includes the action buttons of DualShock 3 and Sixaxis wireless controller for the direct input.
  • Sleek and Wireless.
  • Built-in with high-quality rechargeable Li-ion battery.
  • Advanced motion sensors in the controller for a precise track both fast and slow movements.
  • The beautiful color of the sphere’s light provides a great visual feedback during gameplay.
  • Vibration feedback is felt during certain specific actions.
  • Bluetooth technology supports for wireless gaming.
  • Simultaneously use up to four motion controllers with a PS3 system to ease you play the game together.
  • Charge the controller and automatically pair it with the PS3 system via a USB cable (Type A – Mini-B).
  • High-quality material, make this product the greatest in its class

Note: If you want to use this PS3 move controller you will need PS3 Eye Camera.

Move Motion Controller PS3, Is It Worth It?

If you have The PS3 Eye Camera you will definitely need this Move controller. It is a worth purchase to complete your gaming experience. Build with high-quality material, your investigation in this gaming equipment will worth the money.

But for you want this item but don’t have the Eye Camera, we recommend you to buy the Camera first, because, without it, the PlayStation Move controller is all but useless. Once you have the right companion equipment you can enjoy the new experience in playing your PS3 games. Feel the intuitive controls and the excitement of new ways in gaming.

A unique gameplay awaits you with this crazy designed controller. Show it off to your friends when they come visiting you while playing games. Show them this awesome controller and play together in one game to experience even more exciting gameplay. All in all, it is a worth purchase for your gaming equipment.

What Makes This PlayStation Move Controller Different

Dualshock 3 is the regular controller that everyone used to play their game. But with this controller, you feel a whole different gameplay style. Shaped as a stick with glowing ball at the top of the item makes you wonder what is the function of that. The truth is that the “Ball” is functioned as the indicator when you play your game, it will change colors all the time.

The usual controller requires you to hold it with two hands to play a game. But with this controller you only need a single hand to play your game. The buttons are still the same buttons as in the usual SIXAXIS and DualShock 3 controller. The difference maybe just the colorful lights that come out from the PlayStation Move Controller.

Previous Buyer’s Review About PS3 Move Controller

When you are about to purchase a product we know that everybody needs to see what other said about the product. Here at 8cab we always include the testimonials from the previous buyer who already purchase this product. Below are what they say about this item.

“Works great, fast response” by Boiler

“A Wii bit better than Nintendo” by Scott Meyer

“A Great Way To Get Even More Fun From Those PS3 Games” by Fil Spangler

“Good motion controllers for PS4 VR” by Dakota

“Great Controllers” by Beeswax

Review Score

Quality : 9 / 10

Price : 8 / 10

Material : 9 / 10

Feature : 9 / 10

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