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PS3 Wireless Controller is a necessity in console gaming. Without this equipment, you can’t play your console at all. Today, there are lots of manufacturers who create this kind of product. With lots product spread among PS3 gamers, the need to look stand out more from the crowd is rising. Now, manufacturers are not just producing controllers, but they also create a product that differs from the rest of another controller. The needs to look different from other is not far from the demands of the Gamers itself.

So that is why manufacturer starts to create a product that looks stand out from the visuals. And that is where DualShock 3 urban camo was created. This controller may look like other controllers in a matter of form. But if you look it from the visuals, you can see that the controller is having an eye-catchy design. With urban camouflage, this gaming equipment surely will make Gamers look different from the rest.

Not only good in visuals but this ps3 DualShock 3 wireless controller also good in the features that it has. Feel the great ergonomic design of this product that will make you enjoy hours of playing games. Also feel each hit, explosion, and vibration in this controller because this thing has great innovative motion sensing SIXAXIS technology. With great visuals and the cutting-edge features, this controller is a perfect equipment for PS3 players who looking for a different gaming experience and want to look stand out from the rest. And for the price of this product, here at 8cab we always try to sell you the competitive price.

PS3 Wireless Controller Features

  • Ergonomics design, make you comfortable for hours of gameplay
  • High-tech product, build with highly-responsive SIXAXIS motion detection
  • High-precision play, feel the accuracy when you play FPS game
  • Bluetooth technology, a features to play wirelessly
  • USB cable, charge your controller at anytime
  • Realistic experience, feel every hit, crash, and explosions at the palm of your hands
  • Great visual, with urban camo, this controller look stand out in the crowd
  • Competitive price, 8cab always gives you the best price of every product

PS3 DualShock 3 Wireless Controller, is it a good product?

Every gamer knows that controller is the most important thing to play games. But today, most of the gamers wants more than just a controller. Back then, a controller is still a wired one where you have to plug it with the cable to the console. But today The needs of a cable is no longer exist. When the invention of wireless device emerges, so the gaming world is revolutionized. Now, almost every console gamer use a PS3 wireless controller. It is easier and less concerned about tangling cables. With a wireless controller, you are no longer worry about the tangled cables and disconnection because the wireless controller is much more stable than the wired ones. So all in all, a wireless DualShock is a good option for your gaming equipment.

And with a newer controller design like this DualShock 3 urban camo, you are surely looking amazing in the crowd. Many people nowadays are looking for a different and unique design of a controller. they want to look different, they want to look like a pro with this amazing thing. And we recommend you this thing because it has high-quality material, build with high dedication to improving your gaming senses and needs.

What Make this thing different

There are lots of variety of DualShock 3 Controller in the world, but this one has its own uniqueness. This is a  DualShock 3 urban camo. Designed especially for players like you who wants to camouflage themselves and look cooler than anyone. The visual design of this product is so gorgeous and it is suitable for an FPS player where camouflage makes everything cooler and better. Besides the great visual design, this controller also has great high-quality features that you can’t underestimate.

Enjoy hours of comfortable gaming with this PS3 wireless controller. When your friends come to your house to play PS3 together, show them your beautiful controller and they will jealous with your new unique design controller.

DualShock 3 Urban Camo Review

Controller always has been the most important gear in console gaming. Every gamer has their own standard in terms of features and design. And this Urban Camo PS3 wireless controller is the perfect option for the gamer who look for a great product with good features and great visual design. Here at 8cab we always sell the best product for PS3 players. The reason is that we know what does it feels like to have a nicely designed product with high quality. It will improve your gaming standard. Many people who already buy this are telling their testimonials here.

“This thing is still going strong” by Shannon Pigeon

“Five Stars” by Alexander Fine

“perfect” by Professionalmama

Review Score

Quality : 9 / 10

Price : 7 / 10

Material : 8 / 10

Features : 8 / 10

Why should you shop here

Here at 8cab, we are the online gaming market who try to give the best honest review about the product you looking for. The quality of the product is our first priority. We always inspect the product carefully before we try to sell it here. We know that 8cab is not like any other big name of the online gaming market. We always selling the high-quality stuff, but you also need to keep in mind that nothing is last forever right? Now, if you are considering to purchase it, just do the checkouts and follow the instructions.

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