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Nowadays, PS4 2TB hard drive in console gaming is essential because the game itself getting better and better. When a game is getting better in every aspects like the graphics and the features it also comes with the game size. Since 2015, gaming require large sum of space in hard drive like GTA V which needs almost 40GB in the hard drive. An original PS4 hard drive is only has 500gb capacity and that is not quite enough for a fanatic gamer.

That is why today there are so many hard drive manufacturer produced PlayStation 4 hard drive. The additional HDD is giving every player of console more space to play their game. Like Avolusion hard drive, which that is just one of many manufacturers who build HDD for PS4. This hard drive has the capacity up to 2 Terabyte and it is compatible with your PS4 console. With a large data storage, you can install lots of game and have fun in your life.

Avolusion from Nyko Data Bank is just one of many names of manufacturer who build hard drive. And today in this review we are giving the detail of this PS4 hard drive for sale. Avolusion has its own specs and features that will make you consider to purchase it. The price tag for this thing is quite reasonable. Needless to say it is on middle between cheap and expensive. Here in 8cab we can give you a nice competitive price among other shopping site.

Nyko Data Bank Avolusion PS4 2TB hard drive specs and features

When it comes to the specs and features, the manufacturer of Avolusion, Nyko Data Bank can’t be underestimated. Because it has an equal specs and features like in many big names of hard drive for PS4. This item is a high quality product with the great specs and features, this can be the right hard drive you looking for. Here are the specs and the features of Avolusion hard drive.
The specs:
Product dimension: 14 x 12 x 4 inches
Weight: 2 pounds
Storage capacity: 2 Terabyte

The features:
Keep the original default PS4 2.5″ Hard Drive
Ergonomic design
Easy to install and upgrade
Providing you with faster read/write data
LED indicator
Store massive game
Can stand vertically or horizontally
Improving load time of most games*
Reasonable price

So you see the specs and features? Pretty amazing right? If you Purchase this item not only you save lots of money but you can store lots of game for your PlayStation 4. So quick buy it while it still available in the stock.

What makes this PlayStation 4 hard drive different

There are many manufacturers who build hard drive like this and Nyko Data Bank is one of those many manufacturers. This type of hard drive has its own uniqueness and differences like we already said before. The reason what makes this thing different from others is the reasonable price. Other manufacturer maybe pricing this hard drive with unreasonable price. But we can’t lie to you that with higher price maybe comes higher features and specs. But all in all, Avolusion is a competitive one worth to be bought for your gaming data storage.

Review of Nyko Data Bank Avolusion 2TB PS4 hard drive for sale

Gaming only using internal hard drive is very limited because the storage is not large enough to store many games. As every game today require huge amount of space. For PS4 gamer who are now considering to buy additional hard drive but still hesitate to pick which one, we can recommend you this Avoulusion. Why? Because the good specs, features and the reasonable price, and also there are other people who already buy this hard drive and they all are satisfied with the performance.
“Five Stars for this” by Chase R.
“Cheaper but better in its way” by John Phillips
“Satisfied :)” by Smith
Review score
Quality : 9 / 10
Price : 8 / 10
Material : 9 / 10
Feature : 8 / 10

Why should you shop here

8cab is the shopping site that you can trust with, because we intended to give you the best review of the product and the best price in buying gaming equipment. Our marketplace is competitive with others. We always have the best offers on the internet because we are selling you the cheapest but high quality product possible. We analyze the price of this hard drive and also the quality factor but besides that, we make sure it works fine without any errors while you use installing games to this data bank.

If now you are considering to purchase it, please check the availability of this product in your country or nearest country possible. Because not all region is covered for the stock. And if you already see the availability and it is available in your region, add it to the cart and do check out. And if you are looking for other gaming necessity, explore our site and maybe you find what you are looking for. We can supply your gaming needs.

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