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Have you felt the experience of running out of a battery of your controller? Of course, everyone had that. Well, for that reason, buy this PS4 charging station CEStroe. Today, we offer you this charging dock with great quality and great price tag. 8cab will always offer you the high-quality product but with a competitive price. We can sell you the product with a cheap price because we are the special supplier of gaming needs. Always remember us if you need to buy some gaming equipment.

Running out of a battery is an annoying problem for console gamers. For those who don’t own this PS4 controller charging station, they will have a difficult time to charge their Sony DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4. Before the arrival of this product, maybe some people plug their controller into their console to charge it. A long USB cable is needed if you charge it with your console. But now, since the arrival of this item, things have changed. You don’t need to stretch a long cable to charge the controller. All you have to do just plug it into this charging PS4 charging station and let it charging.

This item comes from the manufacturer CEStore, a well-known manufacturer of gaming apparatus. This product is a high-quality one but comes with an affordable price for all kinds of gamers. No more low battery because if you purchase this item, you can charge two of your Dualshock 4 simultaneously. you don’t longer need to struggle with the tangling USB cable. All you have to do is just plug in and wait for it to fully charged. So no more excuses, keep playing your game with this PS4 charging stand.

PS4 Charging Station By CEStore Features

  • Dual wireless charger: With this charging station, you can charge two of your PS4 controllers at the same time without have to plug them into the PS4 system.
  • Will not charge the controller with over 70% power to protect the battery of the controller.
  • A perfect neat resting place for your controllers when you’re not playing.
  • The charging dock plugs directly into the wall, leaving the USB ports on the for Sony’s PS4 open. No more tangling with the cable.
  • Built-in LED indicators: RED lights mean charging, BLUE lights mean fully charged.
  • Built-in protector chip: never over charged your PS4 controller even charge it for overnight
  • Cable length: about 3ft/102cm/40inch

Package contains

1x CEStore PS4 Charging Station
1x USB Charge Cable

PS4 Charging Stand | What Makes It Worth Buying

As console gamers, you might want to find something to store your controllers right? And now this product is the perfect solution for you. Not only can be used as a docking station, but you can also charge your controller with this PS4 charging station. No more disturbed by low battery problem because if you use this charging station, you don’t have to plug the controllers into the PS4 system anymore. A simple solution for a tangle-free gaming experience. CEStore has made a great high-quality product for you, and this item will worth your money if you really care about your controllers. So, purchase this product now, we have a great offer for you today.

CEStore PS4 Controller Charging Station | Buyers’ Review

If you purchase an item from 8cab, you can have a chance to see the review from us and from the other previous buyers who have bought this item before. You can see what others said about this PS4 charging station, so you can consider buying this item from us. See what they said below.

“This item does a good job charging our controllers” by Jen

“I like it” by Marc

“worked as expected and looks pretty good” by Nicholas W.

“Excellent” by Catherine

“Great charger” by Kevin Dailey

See those happy customers testify about the product? Those are just some of the previous buyers’ review. You can see the rest of them by checking the customer review section. So, now is the perfect time to purchase this PS4 charging station. Get the item here because we offer you a great cheap price.

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Are you a gamer that looking for great stuff to buy? You now have come to the right place. 8cab can provide you with various gaming needs such as this PS4 charging station. We can give you a great deal that you will not find in any gaming store. We sell you products with cheap price but still with great high-quality ones. Quality is everything to us, that is why we always sell you a great product.

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