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The gaming world is always innovating each second and the need for PS4 controller keyboard is rising. A manufacturer of gaming equipment Nyko is hearing this demands. And creates a product that will revolutionize the way PS4 player play their game. Why we said revolutionize? Because Nyko has produced a gaming equipment that helps Gamers exceed in their gameplay.

As nowadays every game can be played online, the most important key to achieving your victory is not just merely a skill. But it is communication with your teammates. And this is the problem for some of PS4 players, as they can’t communicate with their team to coordinate their strategy. Some of the players love to use voice chat over the game but there are other kinds of players who don’t want to hear the bad voice of others. That some other people prefer to use a kind of PS4 keypad. And that is where Nyko creates this amazing QWERTY keypad that sticks on your DualShock 4 so you can type your strategy and communicate with your teammates if you don’t like the voice chat.

Don’t bother yourself with the grumbling and mumbling sounds of voice chat. Use this QWERTY keyboard for PS4 controller to send clear messages of your strategy to your teammates and achieve victory over your enemy. Here at 8cab we give you the glimpse of this product through the review of ours and we also give you the competitive price for this product. Every product that we sell here is complete with the review, so you can know the features of the product that you are going to buy. The review that we were done is based on the fact of the products and we promise you that the quality of products in 8cab is a high-quality one.

Nyko PS4 Controller Keyboard Features

  • Full QWERTY Keyboard: A complete QWERTY keyboard like you see in the PC usage is can be used at the palm of your hand + the additional “at” button and “.com” button
  • A very practical equipment: With this amazing Nyko Type Pad, ease your communication with your teammates throughout the gameplay session
  • Solid and Beautiful design: This PS4 Controller Keyboard designed elegantly and perfectly to fit with your DualShock 4
  • Rechargeable Batteries: This Type Pad comes with rechargeable batteries, so you don’t need to worry if you have to buy batteries all the time. Just plug your controller with a USB cable and you are good.
  • BlueTooth Connection: Connect it to your DualShock 4 via the BlueTooth. And this Type Pad even compatible with all Bluetooth keyboard-enabled apps and games

PS4 Keypad, Is It Worth Buying?

When we talking about gaming equipment, for a pro gamer, everything is a worth buying. But if you are a casual player of PS4, having this kind of keyboard for PS4 controller is also a worth buying. Why? Because like many pro gamers said that the key to gain the victory is communication among your teammates. You fail in the communication, you are certainly head towards your own doom. And you will never see the glimpse of the victory.

By purchasing this Nyko PS4 controller keyboard, you are one step ahead to have a good communication. And achieving the victory with your team. Achieving victory is the goal of every gamer in the world right? And you better start it with the communication. And to have a great communication, you need the best tool, So this is the perfect tool for you. Don’t worry about the price, here at 8cab we always give you the best competitive price among another online gaming market.

What Makes This Product Different

If you’re looking for a ps4 controller keyboard, there are many options you can choose depends on your budgets. You should know that Nyko Type Pad may not be the best keyboard from all the options, but at least it has its own benefit. The benefit of this product is that it is cheap but not a cheap-ish product. It is a cheap product but with a decent good quality and strong material.

So, as we said before that here at 8cab we give you the honest review of the product that you wish to buy. We have no intention to scam anyone with a bad-quality product. This product may not be the best of all but it is worth the money to try this amazing PS4 keypad.

Keyboard for PS4 Controller Keyboard Review

Besides the review of our own, you can also see the testimonial of the previous buyers of this product. See what they said about the quality and performance of this item. See the testimonials below.

“Amazing Product” by Vannessa

“Five Stars” by Matt G

“Gamer’s best equipment” by Lucy Home

“Good to deal with you, good seller” by Fahad

“Pretty Good” by Austin J

Review Score

Quality : 7 / 10

Price : 7/ 10

Material : 8 / 10

Feature : 8 / 10

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8cab is an online gaming market where we can supply you with console gaming equipment like controllers, vertical stand, skins, camera, and so much more. We are not only selling you the gaming stuff. But we also giving you the glimpse inside the features of the item that you are looking for. Besides the review, we also give you the fair and competitive price of the product.

All the product that we offer here has passed our strict quality check control. So we make sure that the product that we deliver to our customer is in the perfect condition. And if you are looking to buy another gaming needs, feel free to browse our catalog. More item will arrive soon.

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