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Are you still tangled with the trouble of how you store your gaming equipment? A PS4 Docking Station is the answer for you. Today, the gaming world has been revolutionized in a whole different way. The innovation of wireless equipment has affected the world of gaming. Nowadays in PS4 gaming, we have a wireless controller, wireless VR headset, and much more. The problem that arises when everything is already wireless is how you store and charge them. Fortunately, as the gaming world innovate, so other things. When you own a wireless you need to consider about how you store your equipment neatly so your equipment is not damaged by anything.

A dream of every gamer in the world is that there is a thing to store all their gaming equipment in one place. Now you are lucky, the manufacturer PowerA has listened to your wish and they create PS4 VR Charging Station. This thing is not only for your VR but also for your other equipment like One of your Dualshock 4 Controller, 2 PlayStation Move Controllers. This thing is a real innovation in the gaming world as it eases you in charging and docking your gaming tools all in one place.

When you have an All-In-One PS4 charging station and docking station, everything is looking neat and good and that is what every gamer in the world wants. Besides to make your equipment look neat and good, it also levels up your gamer status. A professional gamer knows how to make themselves stand out from the rest.

PowerA PS4 Docking Station Features

1). Officially licensed by Sony for PlayStation VR

2). Charge and dock your VR headset

3). Charge and dock one of your Dualshock 4 controller

4). Ergonomic design

5). Safely store your gaming equipment from off the ground, and away from handsy kids or pets.

6). Affordable high-quality product

Why should you buy the product here

  • Honest review about the product
  • Competitive price
  • Review of previous customers
  • Official licensed product
  • Warranty of the official PowerA

Buy PS4 VR charging station from your chosen country

If you considering to buy this PS4 docking station, you can choose which country you are live in so it will be sent to you in no time. Check the availability of this product before you purchase it. And even it is not available in your country, you can choose the nearest from where you live in, so the product can be shipped, although it probably took some time if you purchase it from a different country. Just pick which products you want to buy and then do check out.

PS4 charging station review

Like we said before in features section, this product has also been reviewed by another previous purchaser. Mostly they are satisfied with this product because, it has a reasonable price, a nice review and the high-quality material of the product. Here at 8cab, we never sell any bad quality products. We always try to sell you the best-quality products but with a more reasonable price than another online market. We tried this product for our console equipment and the result is quite satisfying. With the reasonable price of licensed product, this PS4 docking station is a perfect tool to neatly store your gaming equipment.

A review of the previous buyer of this product

“Essential for the PSVR Owner” by C Fisk

“Overall recommended if you need a place to dock your PSVR” by Clyde McShizzle

“it took care of the tangled web of cords – great charging station for all the accessories” by Deborah Ewert

“I like it” by Kefir Ennio

Review score

Quality : 7 / 10

Price : 5 / 10

Material : 7 / 10

Feature : 7 / 10

What makes this product different

There are only a few of PS4 VR charging station on the market. Probably PowerA is the only manufacturer which creates this kind of product. This is a VR headset charging and docking station. But not only for that, but also for other gaming equipment like one of your Dualshock 4 controller, and two PlayStation 4 move controller. The day where you are worried about your equipment will be damaged because you put it in the ground, is no more. Neatly arranged your PS4 gaming equipment here at this docking station. With reasonable price, this thing is worth to buy.


If you need anything relating to gaming equipment, you can always count on us. Because we are dedicated to giving you the best review of a product and try to give you the competitive price from another online market. We always check the quality of the products that we sell. If you looking for other things for your PS4, explore our catalog and maybe you will find what you are looking for.

PS4 docking station is a must-have item for every PS4 players who don’t want to worry about damaging their equipment if they putting it on the ground. Worry no more from handsy kids and your pets who try to damage it.

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