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The evolution in the gaming world has affected the PS4 external hard drive industries. With the gaming world that always getting better and better, the needs of space in its storage are also getting higher. Today, a normal size for some AAA games are requiring almost 30-45gb. Imagine if you want to play lots of games but your internal storage only has a 250gb capacity. That is just not enough to full fill your gaming desire. Fortunately, the manufacturer of data storing like Nyko Data Bank has created a high-quality product designed to store all your game on one hard drive.
The capacity of this PS4 external storage by Nyko is up to 2 TeraByte. That is a high capacity for a hard drive. With that much capacity, you can store any games you want, from old games to recently released games without every worry to delete some of your games. Nyko Data Bank built with ergonomics design that allows the use of a 3.5″ hard drive to be used as internal storage instead of the stock 2.5″ hard drive that comes pre-installed on the system.
For the price of this product, here at 8cab we always give you the best competitive price. If you are lucky, you can get it while it on sale, it’s double worth it. And don’t worry about a malfunction of the product, we always check our product before it will be delivered to the customers. We have a strict quality control to maintain that the product is on the perfect condition when it comes to your hands.

Nyko Data Bank PS4 external hard drive features

When it comes to the features of the product, Nyko Data Bank has quite good features. This manufacturer can’t be underestimated because the material and the design is flawless. With this great product, you will chance the way you gaming forever. See the features this Nyko hard drive for ps4 below

  • LED indicator: When PS4 is accessing/saving content on the hard drive, the LED light will tell you by its blinking
  • A built-in power: The Data Bank is powered by a built-in power pass-through cord so it does not require its own power outlet.
  • Expandable: With this data bank installed, you can upgrade it up to 2tb
  • Store massive games: Have tons of collection games on your PS4, without ever worry again about insufficient space
  • Load faster: By adding more ps4 external hard drive, your game will load faster than average so no more long time in loading screen
  • Full instruction: Data Bank installation and how to initialize the PS4 firmware on a new drive are included in the box.

The features that Nyko Data Bank offers are pretty good. No more limits in storing games. Add hundreds of games to your PS4 external hard drive. Play them with faster loading time and feel a whole new experience of console gaming with reasonable price.

What makes PS4 external storage different

The important aspect that makes this product different is the price. Why did we say the price? Because with this average price tag, you get tons of great features added to your PlayStation 4. The material is high-quality ones, the design is flawless and the functionality is the best. So all in all, this product is worth to buy if you don’t want to get annoyed by insufficient storage problem anymore.

Review of Nyko Data Bank hard drive for ps4 storage

With a small capacity of the internal hard drive in your PS4 has inspired Nyko data Bank to create this product to solve your problem. Many players of PS4 have bought this item for themselves or as a gift to their loved ones. An item like this is essential in gaming experience because it can expand your storage in the way you can’t imagine. If you still hesitate about purchasing this product, see the review of the previous buyer who already bought this item below.

“Awesome addition to Playstation 4” by Stephen Rawlins

“Very easy upgrade. Best upgrade for your ps4” by Kai88

“Five Stars” by Wilfredo Sanchez

“Love it” by Emile

“Great Product” by Pate

Review score

Quality : 9 / 10
Price : 8 / 10
Material : 9 / 10
Feature : 8 / 10

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300, hundredths-inches, 1330, hundredths-inches, 145, hundredths-pounds, 610, hundredths-inches

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PlayStation 4

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2 TB



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2487, USD, $24.87



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