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Today, the gaming world is an unstoppable entertainment and the PS4 need an amazing equipment to sustain the play. And YOUSHARES is just creating you the best PS4 vertical stand. Playing

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Today, the gaming world is an unstoppable entertainment and the PS4 need an amazing equipment to sustain the play. And YOUSHARES is just creating you the best PS4 vertical stand. Playing PS4 is no longer just a sideways to enjoy life, but it is already a lifestyle and the livelihood of someone. People actually playing video games as their job to look for cash to live their life. And if you make playing games as your source of money, you need more than just the console itself. You will need the high-tech accessories to proof that you are serious about making video games as your livelihood.

Every pro-gamer knows that if you play your PS4 for too long, it will heat so much it can cook an egg on top of your machine. So, the first thing to consider is that eradicate the heating problem. And that is when the manufacturer YOUSHARES is innovating in gaming equipment like the vertical stand for the console. But the manufacturer did not just creating a vertical stand but also it can function as the PS4 cooling fan. With this amazing 3 in 1 equipment, you can make sure that you will have no problem setting your dream job as a video game player.

There is another greatness of this product. It is the ability to function as the charging station PS4. Put two of your DualShock 4 controller in the vertical stand and it will charge the controller fastly. So yes, this amazing 3 in 1 gaming equipment is very useful for someone who wants to be a pro in gaming. The day where you forget where you put the controller is no more as this vertical stand will help you in storing your controller. So it will look nicely neat.

PS4 vertical stand features

YOUSHARES is the officially licensed by SONY to create the gaming equipment to complete your gaming experience. And this 3 in 1 PS4 cooling fan, docking, and charging is the perfect tool for the gamer who looks for a neat place to tidy up their gaming tools. Created with high-quality material and a strict quality control, makes this thing so perfect.

  • 3 in 1 Multifunction equipment: Not only can be used as a vertical stand, but it also can be a cooling, docking, and charging station, so all your gaming tools are packed neatly.
  • Beautifully ergonomics design: With its great design, you can brag it to your friends that you have a neat place to dock your console and the controllers.
  • A silent cooling fan: The great thing about this PS4 vertical stand is that it has a silent cooling system fan, so the noise from the fan will not disturb your gaming time.
  • COMPATIBLE PERIPHERALS – Three extra USB HUB ports allows you to not only save your game in data storage but also charge your handset or electronics while enjoying your game.

Those are the features that the manufacturer YOUSHARES offers you, and below is the specification about the product that may be important for you to read.

All in one YOUSHARES charging station ps4 specifications

  • The product weight: 353 g
  • The product size: 14.8 x 5.6 x 1.2 in
  • Voltage Input: DC 5 V
  • Input Current: 500 mA
  • Fan Size: 2.4 x 2.4 x 0.6 in
  • The Fan Speed: 3000 RPM
  • Material of the product: Eco-friendly ABS
  • Color: Black

YOUSHARES Vertical Stand and PS4 cooling fan review

A good product will be easily recognized by anyone. And this PS4 vertical stand can be considered as big names in gaming tools. It offers you great features from the product and the high-quality material that can sustain for a long time of playing games. Now here at 8cab, we try to give you the best honest review of the product and we also give you other people’s opinion about this same product that they already purchased for themselves.

“Lie down or stand up? STAND UP!” by MP

“Awesome” by Kevin Ulra

“Good Deal” by Emile Fierce

“It is worth it” by Miraclebelle

So you see that other people who already purchase this agree that this product is a great product to buy. This thing will make you stand out from the rest. Entitled yourself! And for the price of this product, we always try to give you the best price we can. 8cab will always offer you a competitive price of the product you are looking for.

PS4 vertical stand, is it worth buying?

Well, if you are a player where you love anything you have arranged neatly, then this vertical stand is worth buying. Why? Because if you purchase this stuff, you do not only get a vertical stand for your PS4, but also the cooling fan, charging station, and the docking station. So 3 in 1 product is so much worth it to buy.

Why should you shop at 8cab

8cab is an online market where we supply your gaming needs. Any kinds of equipment like, skin decal, headset, data storage, and controllers we have them here. And soon the catalog will be much merrier. For the price, we always to give you the best competitive price better than any other online market. And we also review the product that we sale, so you can have a glimpse about the product you want to buy. The quality of the product is our first priority. We always sell the best-quality product for you and the product itself already passed our quality control. So we will always make sure that the product you buy is always in great condition.

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