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An awesome wireless controller for PS3 now available here at 8cab. We are proud to introduce this high-quality product. This two pair of products come with great elegant colors, 1

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An awesome wireless controller for PS3 now available here at 8cab. We are proud to introduce this high-quality product. This two pair of products come with great elegant colors, 1 blue and 1 green. Build with heart and dedication to make your gaming sense enhanced. The manufacturer XFUNY is really known what they are doing by creating this product. They design this product ergonomically so you can enjoy hours of playing games on your console. We would like to represent this stuff for you as it is a really high-quality product that you must have.

We said that this game is a high-quality product because it has great features. Surely every gamer of PS3 is needing this PS3 wireless controller. This thing is a primary necessity in console gaming, without this thing, you can’t play your game at all. That is why we said this product is a must have item as your gaming equipment. This pair of controllers come with two great colors, one is green and the other one is blue. What becomes the best of this product is the price. The price for this two pair are quite reasonable or we can say rather cheap than any other controller.

Here at 8cab, we don’t only sell gaming stuff, but also we give you review about the stuff. We give you the review of the product because we know that every gamer must consider briefly before purchasing gaming equipment. And we know that gamer doesn’t like to buy cheap but broken stuff. That is why here at 8cab we only sell you nice high-quality products that come with a competitive price. We did test the product before shipped it so the quality check is always our first priority.

XFUNY Wireless controller for PS3 features

  1.  Wireless controller: don’t need to worry about tangling cables anymore
  2.  Ergonomic design: with this comfortable design, you can endure in hours of playing games
  3.  Compatibility: Compatible with PS3 and most of Android smartphone because it has Bluetooth
  4.  Cheap price: This product comes with great features but with highly competitive price
  5.  High-quality material: cheap but with high-quality material so it won’t easily broken

Cheap ps3 controllers, is it a good quality product?

Some people hesitate when they are going to buy cheap products. We know that some cheap product is not made from a high-quality material, so it will break in a just matter of days. But this XFUNY PS3 wireless controller is made with the high-quality material, because as we promise you, here at 8cab we won’t sell you bad-quality products. we try our best to only sell you the best.

We also try our best to give you the honest review of the products. We review the product ourselves and you can also see other people’s review about the product in customers review section. So all in all, we can say that this wireless controller for PS3 is a nice competitive product from other expensive Dualshock controller. And what the best is that this controller comes in a pair of two.

What makes this product different?

First of all, the thing that makes this product different is the price. You won’t get this competitive price in any other PS3 wireless controller. But be sure to keep in mind that the quality of this product is not equal as the original controller of PS3. The second thing that makes this different is that this gaming stuff comes in a pair of two. So that means when you purchase this thing, you got two controllers with one are green and the other is blue.

An additional reason that this product is great, is the design. The design of this thing is quite beautiful, same as any other wireless controller for PS3. You can grip it with comfortable so you can enjoy hours of hours in playing a game. And remember that this thing comes with a cheap price.

Cheap PS3 controllers review

Controller is the most important thing in playing a game. Because, without it, you can’t play any games at all. What every gamer look in controllers are the quality and the comfortability. The comfortability is also the most important aspect of playing a game because if you are not comfortable you will feel tired quickly. So XFUNY already thinks about that and create this product. And some customers agree that this product is great, as you can see from the review below.

“Five Stars” by Prestoncolona

“Four Stars” by Clayton Soules

“Great customers service” by Callison

Review Score

Quality : 7 / 10

Price : 6 / 10

Material : 7 / 10

Feature : 7 / 10

Why should you buy Wireless controller for PS3 here

8cab is an online market where we supply your gaming needs. We are trying our best to give the best review about the products that you looking for with a competitive price. All the products here has been gone through the strict quality check for the functionality. That means we check for the product is it on working condition or not.

If considering to purchase this XFUNY cheap PS3 controllers, check the availability in your country so it can be delivered in just a few days. Or if you want to purchase it from other nearest country, the product will be shipped and delivered an approximately couple of weeks, depends on some circumstances. Once you check the availability, do the checkout and that is it. And if you want to shop for more gaming needs, feel free to explore our catalog.


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