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Looking for a high-quality PS4 charging cable? Here at 8cab we can give you a recommendation to a high-quality product that you looking for. Today in the gaming world, a good charging cable is rather hard to find. All the market usually offers you a cable that won’t last long. You feel like always getting into trouble with your charging cable like unable to charge, disconnected and the peeled cable. But our recommendation here will not give you those kinds of problem.

DreamGEAR PS4 charger cord is the right tool for you to be your gaming companion. Made of high-quality material, this item surely won’t getting you into annoying problems. A charging cable for your controller is a very important equipment to have. Why? Because without it, when you are in the middle of playing an online game session and your controller’s battery is running out, you are going to have a bad time. That is why an item like this should always be there in your reach, just in case of emergency while playing a game.

The exclusive thing about this PS4 controller charger cable is that the features that dreamGEAR offers to its customers are so overwhelmingly good. As you can look below for the features of this charging cord from dreamGEAR.

dreamGEAR PS4 charging cable features

  • Extra Long: The length for this charging cable is almost 10 foot long. A perfect length for every Gamer desire
  • Charge and Sync: Use this cable to charge your DualShock4 while you playing, no more quits because of running low on battery.
  • Full Speed Charge: dreamGEAR is putting their big effort to create this awesome features. With this PS4 charger cord, you can charge your controller fast enough.
  • Extended Strain Relief: Keep your cable from cracking or fraying during an intense game session.
  • Solid Injected ABS Connector, Creates a solid continuity connection of your controller. No more disconnected!

PS4 controller charger cable, is it worth buying?

Believe it or not, you are still going to need this cable because, until today, there is not any invention that making you charge your DualShock4 wirelessly. So until that day comes, you should buy this ps4 charger cord. Without this equipment, you won’t be able to play games for hours of hours. A battery does have a capacity and a lifetime to works. With this, you are no longer have to worry about running out of battery or getting disconnected often in the game.

Also, what make this PS4 charging cable from dreamGEAR worth buying is that this item is fully certified to use for any kind DualShock 4 controllers. And for the price, this item is still on a reasonable price tag. Don’t worry it will not bleed your wallet. It’s worth buying for your gaming experience.

What makes this PS4 charger cord different

There are many manufacturers out there who produce the same types of an item like this. But each of the product is different in terms of its features. And this item from dreamGEAR is also had its own unique difference. The great thing that makes this item different is that the length of the cable it has. This PS4 charging cable spans about 10 foot long! that is an enormous length of a charging cable.

This long cable was designed for you so you can still have a distance from your TV while playing a game. And this is a good reason because you need a distance from your TV in order to keep your eyes healthy. So yes, this product is a special product. And if you shop here at 8cab, the price for this item is competitive.

dreamGEAR charging cable review

People always purchasing a product where other people already bought it and hear their review about the item. And this PS4 charging cable by dreamGEAR is a recommended product for the PS4 players. We do the review about this product but we also give you the review by other people who already purchase this item. Below is what they say about this product.

“Best charging cable by far” by H Wallace

“Great product” by William

“Five Stars” by Michael Harting

Maybe you see some others bad review about this product too. But we can say is that they may be using this charging cable with the wrong procedure. So don’t worry about the bad review, probably they just don’t understand how to use it.

Review Score

Quality : 8 / 10
Price : 7 / 10
Material : 9 / 10
Feature : 8 / 10

The benefit shopping at 8cab

Here at 8cab, we can give you the glimpse about the product you are looking for. Every product we sell here always includes a review. The review we made is based on the fact of the item, so we don’t add a flourish words which don’t belong in the features of the item. We create the review just so you can considering the product before purchasing it.

You can purchase the product directly by doing the checkout and finish the payment. We are trying our best to give you a competitive price. We know that 8cab is just another small online gaming market. But our market is dedicated to giving you the best reasonable price of the item you want to buy. And if you are looking for other gaming equipment, feel free to browse our catalog. You will find some interesting items that probably you are looking for a long time.


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